Do you know

How people dispose old toner cartridges?

About 95% of the materials used to make toner cartridges can be recycled and reused.

For years, CyberTek has made efforts to recycle and reuse toner cartridges,

giving new life to recycled toner cartridges.

With your help, we can help reduce wastes for preserving Mother Earth.


As we face food safety issues, have you ever thought about the safety of everything we use in our daily life?

Do you know who produces the toner cartridges of the laser jet printer or Xerox machine you use?

Are you aware that when you touch a piece of paper printed with text or images, you may encounter some heavy metal residue?


When you walk into the plants of CyberTek where we manufacture green cartridges,rows of female workers at the assembly line concentrate on dismantling,cleaning, examining and refilling recycled.

Through these processes, toner cartridges which can be considered waste are given new life to start another journey.