Following the examples of Mother Nature.

           CyberTek uses the regular triangle to represent its principles of 3Es (energy, environment and economy). 

           As we strive to make profit, we also bear the corporate social responsibility to cherish the planet and protect the environment. 

           The color changes from blue to green to symbolize the co-existence of technology and nature and how the two can support each other.



           CyberTek aims to think globally and act locally to produce high-quality printer accessories.

           CyberTek brings together wisdom, resources and technology to create value for the local community and the global market.


            Made in Taiwan







                  While most companies focus on manufacturing, CyberTek concentrates on recycling and learning from Mother Nature. Recycling enables us to reuse our resources.


                  While most companies focus on lowering cost and moving their plants to other countries for cheap labor, CyberTek decided to stay in Taiwan to give our men and women job opportunities.

                  We cherish our employees and believe that we can bring new light to their lives.


                  Each and every one of our customers deserves the best product.

                  CyberTek promotes the CTS return policy so our customers can return their products if they are not 100% satisfied.We want to ensure that all our customers will be happy and satisfied when they use our products.


                  Because we cherish our talents, we enable them to be creative.

                  Being creative and innovative helps us to become the leader of the industry.

Bec             However, we are always humble before Mother Nature.




Miscellaneous Information:

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