Environmental protection is not a business. It is our true calling.

         It is not an interest.  It is our responsibility.

         CyberTek strives to protect the environment and to show our gratitude to “the promised land”.


          Quality is the essence of the recycling industry. CyberTek follows strict development and examination procedures, so each one of our products is assembled following detailed SOP.

          All materials are produced by name brands, multinational corporations and industry leaders.

          Our quality assurance system has acquired ISO 9001 certification to provide products with world-class quality and professional services for mass, customized production. Our Company has also obtained STMC-accreditation, and is the first company in Taiwan to receive the national eco-label for re-manufactured toner cartridge.



         CyberTek Corporation has been making efforts to recycle and reuse all resources related to office printing equipment.

         By collecting, recycling and reusing waste toner cartridges, we believe that we can apply the concept of "from cradle to cradle" to the life cycle of a toner cartridge. We can also reduce waste, recycle and reuse all the resources.

         In addition to providing trustworthy and reliable green products and technology, CyberTek has always paid attention to environmental protection as it strives to be a sustainable company.

         Hence, we have established our own environmental management system to regularly review and examine our performance and identify our weaknesses for continuous improvement.


         CyberTek believes that everyone bears the responsibility to take care of our environment, so we work very hard to illustrate our environmental protection policy to everyone working in our company and to the public.

   Our environmental protection policies are:

                    Follow the requirements of all environmental protection laws and regulations.

                    Continue to improve our production processes to minimize the impact on the environment.

                    Improve energy efficiency to make better use of various resources on the planet.

                    Reduce industrial wastes and pollution to create a good environment.





            Continuous improvement. Customer satisfaction.

                   100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


                   Among all joint contractors of toner cartridges, CyberTek is known to be one of the best suppliers with the highest quality and lowest (machine-related) complaints.

                   CyberTek has a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy for our products, and provides complete after-sales services,including: 0800 national express delivery.



           The cartridges produced by CyberTek are tested according to ASMF1856 and ASTM F2036 of the American Society for Testing and Materials.  All cartridges are guaranteed to meet world-class standards.

            The image density (ID) and yields of all cartridges produced by CyberTek have all met all eco-label criteria for recycled toner cartridges.







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