How do people dispose the old toner cartridge? About 95% of the materials used to make toner cartridges can be recycled and reused.

         For years, CyberTek has made efforts to recycle and reuse toner cartridges, giving new life to recycled toner cartridges.

         With your help, we can help reduce wastes for the planet.  You can also get cash back or receive goodies from us.


          Annually, Taiwan uses 3 million cartridges and 80% of them are thrown into the waste pile.

          This not only increases our wastes, but also damages the environment.

          Now, you can donate your empty cartridges to Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation.  When you have collected 7 to 10 empty cartridges,we can pick up the cartridges from your place.

          You are helping the disadvantaged and helping the environment.

          Cartridge for Syin-lu: (02) 2592-9778 (Public Affairs)

          Want to know more about recycling your cartridges? Call (07) 310-8866 #213

          If you donate toner cartridges, CyberTek will donate money to Syin-lu by your behalf.

          Toner Credit:




        Cash for empty toner cartridge

               We offer the highest bid for brand name cartridges: All cartridges, regardless of the original brand names and models, can be recycled, and we will pay you according to the monthly announced fees for the specific model of your cartridge.


        How to recycle your cartridges?

              Collect 7 to 10 empty old cartridges with no damage to the appearance. We will pick up the cartridges from your place.

              The amount of cash rewards for empty cartridges will vary from one cartridge to another, depending on the status of the cartridge.  Our persons in charge will provide an estimate and inform you of our estimate.

              Empty cartridges that have been shipped to our factory can be returned to customers with a fee.

              If you would like us to wire the money to you, a service charge of 30NTD will be deducted from the total amount.

              If you have not managed to collect 7 to 10 cartridges, please send the cartridges to our branches for recycling.